Need a flat 3m Micro usb lead


I have the Wyze cam v2. Looking for a 3 metre long usb lead for it, it has to be 3 metres. But I need a flat (noodle) one and I want it white. The reason for it needing to be flat is it runs the length of the skirting board and on the wall to get to the nearest power source, an extention lead in a cupboard. The extention lead is in the cupboard so that it is neat, I do not want a longer extention lead instead which is on display, so thats why I need a longer lead.

Now I went online and bought a flat 3m white lead. But it would not plug in because the entrance to plugging it in was too small! It was like 2mm too big.

I’m in the UK. I need UK product under £10 including postage (shouldn’t have to pay more than that for a lead!). I tried eBay (looking for hours), tried Amazon. Tried googling. If I find something then I also need to check the mm of the end part so it will fit.

The other thing, just to be particular as I’m a bit OCD on visuals, I’d rather it be all white as some of these leads have black or colour on them as well.

Any “leads” (haha) I’d appreciate it. Think I’m going to stay stuck on this sadly.


There’s many available on Amazon in the U.S. and U.K.

This is one option(U.S.):

This is another(U.K.):

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Any sharp knife and 90 seconds will take care of this problem. I’ve done it standing on the top of a ladder leaning on siding.

@customer Thanks but worry about doing this and don’t see it being possible or neat either. Plus already sent it back. Thanks though.

@brlepage Thanks will take a look! Not sure how I missed all these on Amazon

… Just been looking again and once more don’t see anything that matches what I need. There are lots on there but yours is the only one I can see. The one you suggested may be possible… but I’m reluctant to spend that much. I really think over a fiver is a lot for a lead and this is £13. I may have to though.

To those reading please be mindful that your idea of money spending may be different from mine and to please be respectful of differing opinions

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