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I’ve considered this a while back, but another thread reminded me that I wanted to experiment a little and find out how much tolerance the cam has for SD memory. As it turns out, there is some flexibility. I bought one of these to try out. Obviously it’s not the ideal form factor, but the implications are reassuring. You can use an adapter and not lose functionality, though I haven’t tested it very thoroughly. I was able to watch playback without an noticeable difference to the 32GB Micro SD I had been using. It may be a solution to larger storage and the possibility of using a wifi enabled SD card and might facilitate remote access to the cam video. That experiment will have to wait until I can spring for a WIFI SD card. I was a tad surprised at the length of the ribbon cable, but it will fold up nicely and if I have to make some adjustments, it may be worth the trade-off.


Would you mind elaborating a bit on what exactly you have done? I’m intrigued but not sure what you are doing with the cable or how you are attaching it.

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I bought one of these. It’s simply a Micro SD card to SD card adapter. Instead of the Micro SD card typically inserted into the WyzeCam, you end up inserting a tab that has the ribbon cable attached. The other end is a slot that permits the insertion of a standard SD card. As I can tell so far, it allows me to:

  1. Use the several standard SD cards I already had
  2. Stick the cam outside the house and run the ribbon cable between the window jamb thus permitting access to the SD card without going outside
  3. Experiment with a WiFi enabled SD card with the prospect of accessing it from my PC

That said, I have done 1 and 2, but still need to spring for 3.


Thanks. I had heard of that but haven’t had time to investigate it. I have outside mounts & ladders and this has a lot of appeal, especially the wireless card. Keep me posted on that if you would!

As soon as I have the extra money for one of the wifi cards. It’s all priorities these days.

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So true…

Fun fact. I posted this on the reddit sub and it was deleted twice without comment. I must be doing something wrong.

Well, THEY are watching, you know :pleading_face:

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