Can I save video from the Cam Plus playback without using the record button while watching?

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, since you said cam plus playback, I was only thinking about events recorded by cam plus and in the cloud and events tab.

If you are talking about video recorded on the SD card, (which is actually unrelated to Cam Plus and works whether or not you have Cam Plus)…then your options are either “record” the playback as you already know about or to pull out the SD card and insert it into a computer to copy the files that way (lots of people do this…but then the recordings are all 1 minute increments) or record them using a different program to have them all stitched together in your preferred length (a lot of people use VLC to view or record the exact length of video they want).

There is a wishlist I would recommend voting on where we are asking Wyze to provide us an easier way to access the recordings on the SD card without having to manually record or pull the card out:

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