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I was unable to locate a method to email WYZE support.
I pay yearly for Cam Plus. On the Iphone WYZE I log into account and see video length 9d 7h and people detected. I can view live and that’s it. If there are videos that are saved where do I go to view them?
There is no area on the IPHONE that I can detect that would give me access to the Cam Plus service?
Be nice to know what is happing after hours on my business site.

Then I take photos whilst viewing live - and cannot locate those snapshot I took from that Cam Plus camera.

If there is a solution let me know.
I just thought that I could go on the Web to WYZE / fine me account, log in, and take a look as the recent camera feeds, archived.
Thanks !

You see saved Event clips from your camera under the Events tab on the Wyze app. There is a calendar at the top of that page, and you can select any of the last 14 days to see what your camera captured that day. Captures are dependent on your camera settings for motion detection, event recording, and notifications. Captures can also be restricted by setting filters (the funnel at the top of the Events page). Keep that clear for best results.

Cam Plus just allows longer recordings to the Events page with no cooldown, and allows AI identifications like people, packages, and pets.

You might also opt to have an SD card in the camera. Then any Playback button would let you view what is on the SD card. Recordings there are dependent on the SD card settings under the camera’s Advanced Settings.

Pictures or recordings you take from the Live View page are saved to your phone. In the case of an iPhone, to your Photos app.

Everything is available from your phone, you don’t need to log in elsewhere. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this accurate update.
Occasionally life is uncomplicated as in this report.

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For a subscriber to Cam Plus is there any way to download the recordings on a PC?