Can I save video from the Cam Plus playback without using the record button while watching?

I have a Wyze Cam V3 and recording events for motion, people and sound. I can review the playback for the camera, but it seems like the only way to save a block of time to a file is to record while watching the playback. We need to save a complete period of time for evidence for some activities and need a way to quickly (less than 12 hours) to capture a time frame from the past and save it for retention. Is it possible?

Sure, at the top right of your screen when you click on it, you will see a couple of options, one is to download the video, and the other is to share the video (through whatever other app you want). Either of those are good ways to save the cam plus video. I use both options frequently (ie: I’ll download it to my phone, or share it to google photos, or a messaging app).

thanks, but there is no share or download viewing playback from say June 2. The events have the download and share and that was what I used to get most of the data, however there are parts of the timeframe needed where there was no motion or event triggered.

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, since you said cam plus playback, I was only thinking about events recorded by cam plus and in the cloud and events tab.

If you are talking about video recorded on the SD card, (which is actually unrelated to Cam Plus and works whether or not you have Cam Plus)…then your options are either “record” the playback as you already know about or to pull out the SD card and insert it into a computer to copy the files that way (lots of people do this…but then the recordings are all 1 minute increments) or record them using a different program to have them all stitched together in your preferred length (a lot of people use VLC to view or record the exact length of video they want).

There is a wishlist I would recommend voting on where we are asking Wyze to provide us an easier way to access the recordings on the SD card without having to manually record or pull the card out:

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Cool! If I download it where on the phone is the video stored? How do I access it?

Is it possible to record and save just a segment of a Cam Plus Event from within the app?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I think this can vary slightly by phone (I think I recall it being a little different on my Samsung than my Google Pixel), but generally, the path for downloaded events will be something like:

Internal memory>DCIM>wyze>event>[File name].mp4

At least that’s where my last download went to.

I wish. Not at this time as far as I am aware. When I want just a segment I either download the entire thing and then use a video editor to cut out what I don’t want, or I go to playback and just record the section I want.

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Thanks, man, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Wow, that surprises me. Is simple video editing on a phone simple? Is it easier on Apple than Android devices? Like almost seamless?

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I don’t know much about Apple, but on my Google Pixel 5 (Android) I usually use Google photos and just trim the video fairly easily. There are tons of free video editing apps that include trimming options to change a video to just the parts you want.

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Good to know. :slight_smile:

Could encoding variations from various app/editors be responsible for some clips uploaded here not playing in all browsers? (Hat tip to @seapup for re-encoding old clips for uniform viewing!)

I know so little about this that I don’t if this question makes sense.

Downloaded cloud events are properly encoded. Using the Wyze app to manually record a video results in an improperly encoded video.


‘I see,’ said the blind frog… :slight_smile:

So, is downloading and editing a big Cam Plus cloud Event in the random app a crapshoot as far as being compatibly encoded?

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I should have qualified that statement with “under Android”. I haven’t tested/checked manual recordings under iOS.

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I have recorded many videos from playback on iOS (Like Raccoons) and I believe they are encoded correctly. Sometimes I can not view videos other people post using chrome unless I download to my PC and watch. I’ve also use VLC to record just portions of very long videos that I previously downloaded.

This is one from an Android user and I had to download to view on chrome.

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Thanks for the info and the heads-up. I re-encoded that video. :+1:

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I do not see this choice when viewing on my computer???

Downloading and sharing of Uploaded Event Videos is not currently available when using Wyze Web View on a computer. Those are only functions in the App. You also cannot access SD Playback Video from within Web View.

To do this on a computer, you would need to be running the Wyze App within an Emulator program, but I’m not sure that is an option for Apple.

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