How to record a video on my Android device

Hello Wyze team and members,

I would like to know how to download videos to my device.
I have the continue video feature and also I am able to playback, but I need to save a few videos on my device for future reference.

Honestly i did not find any “download” button, just to share, but i don’t see any good option under share, I would like to keep it privately.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Sergio Monterroso.


For now the simple way is to play back and hit the record button during playback.
Or if you can get by with 1 out of 3 seconds do a time lapse set at 3 seconds,


I see the option to Save to Drive (Google) when I click on Share for an event on my Android. This would store it in Google Drive but not share it out.

I also have FX file explorer and see a Save As option there for events. That will save to my device.


Hi @SergioAngel, @madtaurus, if you’re using Android this might do the trick:

I might be a bit confused about your question, but if I take a video using the Wyze cam, it saves the video to my Photos/Albums folder on both my iPhone and Android Phone.
I’ve never had a need to download the video clips.
But, I can select videos/pictures and sync with my Google Cloud or Sync everything automatically.
Or, I can view the video on my phone, select share, Save to Files and there send it to my Google Cloud Account or Save it to a different folder on my phone.
This make any sense?