Uploading videos

What are suggested ways to upload videos if I want to keep them, as they disappear after a few weeks left on Wyze cloud? Google Drive, YouTube, etc?

the event clips you can download to your phone when you are viewing them. there’s a download button at the bottom, and the playback area ( if you use an SD card) can be recorded on the app while you are viewing it. that recording is saved to your phone, then you can use any number of methods to send that file to your computer ( Bluetooth, media transfer via cord, or email…etc…) if that where you want them saved, or directly to the medium ( Facebook, YouTube, google drive etc…) of your choice.


So, no way to Download it to YouTube or Google Drive?

You can “share” the event videos directly to YouTube or Google Drive - or text, email, etc.

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YouTube and Google Drive don’t show up when I select Share. Would you know how I set it up for these to be visible as a selection?

Are you logged into your google account on your phone? What phone do you have as well as Android version. Ill have to check on what rick is saying when I get my phone back later today. (Left it at home) Ill see if I have this option to share to google.

I am not logged on to Google (maybe that’s why I don’t see it). It is a iPhone.

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IPhones probably dont have that option then no. I believe only the androids have that option. Then your only option is to download the video to your phone and then upload it from there to your favorite social media, storage place (Icloud, google drive, etc.) or video sharing site (youtube, vimeo, etc.). Its a little process but its the process.

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Thanks. That was what I needed. I was looking for a shortcut and it appears there isn’t any. However, as you mention (at least) there is a process.

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I learned that I can use Dropbox and it was added to my Share options. This is a one step process now.

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Glad you figured out a quick method.