Saving and Sharing Videos

For context I do not subscribe to any of the paid services, I just use local sd recording.
When you make a clip and save it to the album with the Wyze Android App how are you exporting your clip to share it? I was just wondering what the best/easiest way to do this is. I upload a video to my YouTube channel as an unlisted video so I could just share the link with who I wanted to see it.

From my court… that’s a pretty efficient way of doing it. I don’t share a lot clips unless it is here in the WYZE communities, but the other method I have shared for larger videos has been the same exact way you are.

Depends on what I am intending to do with the video. I have also done a YouTube upload, and I have used a USB thumb drive to move a video (I have a thumb drive that will plug directly into my phone). For still photos / screen captures, I usually just E-Mail it to myself.


Ohh the USB thumb drive is a good idea. Should any USB-C drive work for this purpose?

Since it looks like you use Android, Google Drive is a great to move files between devices or share the link.

I ruined an older tablet’s and phone’s USB port by constantly dis/connecting drives via sneaker net. I keep misplacing the thumb drives. I found out later that the router I’m using has a USB port that can mount a network drive. End of sneaker net.