Sharing (was "Wye (sic) outdoor cam questions")

You can send videos to an email by “sharing”? How do I do that? Everything I can find about sharing only indicates sharing with someone else with a Wyze account. If I can email my videos to my email address where I can save them indefinitely, that would be fantastic.

Yes, you can manually share an individual clip with someone via your phones share sheet.

On the event video, click the share button in the upper right of the video. You can then select email or other methods. This is not automatic, you have to do this to every event.

Also, please don’t create another post, I can answer you in the original post.

OK, so I can’t set it so that all videos automatically get forwarded. Bummer. :frowning:

I dearly wish there was a way to just log on to my account on the Wyze website and download (and delete) all my videos. That’s a very basic and common thing for websites to be able to do (to download, maybe not to delete) and it seems like it could be implemented with minimal effort.

Sorry about creating the new post. Sometimes I do that if the thread has diverged or is old or applies to a different model / environment, but maybe that wasn’t the case here.