What's the best way to share/upload/link videos here?

Hi everyone! I have some Wyze cam recordings that I want to share, so where should I upload or link them from? What I want to share is the audio that I’ve captured. I have them saved to my computer from the Wyze app but you need to open with VLC to hear audio. So will just uploading from my computer work for everyone??

I’ve tried watching some videos that others have shared here but not all of them work for me, i.e. I click the video and nothing happens. I see that people comment so they’re obviously able to open them.

I’d really love to hear people’s opinions because I believe what I have is paranormal activity. I’ve saved some to my Facebook page but I don’t want to keep clogging up my FB page with videos. What else do you all use?

Let me know the best way to share these here.



Please head over to the #captured-on-wyze category and post your clips there. You can use the Upload button image during post entry to do this. If you have trouble, let us know and we’ll try to resolve.

Another option is to upload your clip to YouTube and post the YouTube link in the #captured-on-wyze area.

Ok, thanks Rick.

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I’d recommend the first route since it’s less steps. Looking forward to seeing your clip.