Trying to figure out what this creature is

Hopefully someone can direct me if this is not the proper thread for this….I am trying to figure out what this creature is my cam keeps captured, been over a week and constant. Haven’t been successful in proving this thing.

I have a vid from my garage cam if able to post, my frustration bar is past amplified

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Welcome to the user community @LegalBeagle!

To post a video, use the “upload” icon in the lower right. It will launch your device file browser where you can select the video. Just a warning though, there is a video upload size limit. I think it’s like 5MB if I remember correctly.


I like what you did there, @SlabSlayer. :+1:

Working off that…

I am a new camera user. I created a Wyze Account and installed the camera via the Wyze app. It is operating correctly.

I accepted the 14-day Cam Plus trial.

I see Event videos on the app Event tab.

I can select an Event and upload (share) it to:

The Wyze Forum
-Size limit 5 MB
-Membership created with Wyze Account
-Choose category (eg Captured on Wyze)

-No size limit
-Must have or create account
-Link can be posted to the Wyze Forum (and elsewhere) where the video will appear ‘inline’

I’m not sure I’ve got all this right and I know there are MANY more options/details but how does this work as a reduction, do you think? :slight_smile:

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On my Android, the share icon on the left in the top right corner of the Event Video doesn’t bring up any option for me to share the video directly with the Wyze Forum. Wyze is not one of the app options for me to select. I use the WyzeCam Forum App Widget Icon from my home screen to launch the forum, this is also not a share option. I do have a 3rd party app installed to share the file to my Phone HD or uSD file path I can select, rather than the generic download folder. I use that to download and then upload in the forum. Alternatively, the download icon then upload also works.

The YouTube option does provide a bit more flexibility in size, provided you have an account or want to enroll.

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Thanks! I’m an atypical user so it was useful for me to walk through this…

…and I thought I’d try to ‘depict’ it for other atypicals and/or beginners. :slight_smile:



And here’s what I was able to find in Wyze Help:


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I think that would be a great addition to your Tips & Tricks - Posting Video’s Tutorial topic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Shirker! :grin:

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