Wyzecam option download?

there’s an option to download your recorded video so I pushed it to permanently save it …when I did it said saved and I can’t find it anywhere where do they go…I was using my cell phone to do this. Thanks so much in advance.

If you are talking about saving the 12 second cloud stored Motion Events … while viewing the clip, choose download and it will save to your camera roll. But I find it’s better to choose “share” and email the clip to yourself. It will come through as an attachment on your email to yourself, where you can print, download, do whatever you want.

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For the 12 second event clips I just choose share and use Bluetooth to send it to one of my computers, from there I can move it / or copy it, to my NAS or external drive or email it somewhere
I find the event clips I save, in gallery under album in DCIM on my Android device

On IOS they save to the camera roll (photos) under the today section.
Easily shared from there via message, email or air drop