12 sec saved clips no longer showing up on phone

It’s always been a little dodgy with saving clips to my phone, but I normally am always able to sort it out.

I tap to save a 12 sec clip to my phone and a pop up says ‘successfully saved’ but it is no where to be found on my phone.

Is there a “Wyze” folder in your camera roll/photos? Try a different option besides save to photos like emailing it to yourself.
I don’t use Android so this is all I can think of.
Edit: @angus.black has the answer!

They get saved under /DCIM/wyze and should show up in the gallery.

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I am having the same problem with my iPhone. Have the latest app software. I click to download (save) a 12 second event clip and it doesn’t appear in the gallery (Album) in the Wyze app (like it used to) or in my “Wyze” folder in Photos app on my phone. It does say it is saved when I do this. I have my settings set to “All Photos” which should give it full access to my Photos. BTW, I did find them in my “Recents” folder on my iPhone but not in the “Wyze” folder where it is suppose to be.

Sometimes they show, Sometimes they don’t but almost always most apps don’t recognize the video format. I have to send them on Facebook messenger and then save them from messenger to get other apps to recognize them as a video format.