How can I download videos from

Am I missing something? How can I download videos from I can download them from the Android app to my phone but I need them on my PC. I can watch them from any browser in Windows at but I can’t find a link to actually download them from there.

You can’t. The Wyze Web Portal - Wyze Web View Events cannot be downloaded or shared.

For that you will need to access the Event Video from within the Events Tab of the App.

I would suggest downloading them to your phone and then pushing them to a Web Storage folder like Google Drive.


Thanks. I was afraid of that. Very disappointing. Does anyone know if Wyze is working on adding that feature?

I don’t really know if it is being worked on, but I do know it has already been requested in the Official Wyze Wishlist, and that topic is marked as In Progress… So they must be working on something. Head over there and cast your vote.


Ability to download videos.
Ability to listen to videos in the web account.