Is there a way to download videos from the Wyze Browser Events?

Is there a way to download videos from the Wyze Browser Events? I know it can be done on the phone, but using a computer would be a lot quicker and easier - so I figured I’d ask.


I’m not sure you can, maybe you can right click > save as? Does that work?

I tried that, ‘save as’ wasn’t an option

The feature has been proposed here… please give this wishlist request a vote to help move it along. :+1:

Add More features to Wyze Web View


Beaten to the post again! :point_up:


Yaya as usual we have to beg for basic functionality of devices. Evil Overlords- "No you must use phone to delete one video at a time. whats worse if you want to find an event that happened hours ago your required to scroll thru every hour and guess if this clip may be what your looking and if not when you return to the list after viewing a clip your returned to the top of the list to search again. Plain fail for real who oks these things to be released like this and why does it take a year to fix things that are part of a cameras core functions to record video and have it accessible to me to download store share etc .

honestly this is ridiculous
i need some videos for the police and i can not download them?

i will have to take multiple screenshots.
this is so unbelievable.

You can download videos from the app on the phone. If you open the app, go to events for the particular camera that you want to download videos from on the top right hand corner there’s an arrow pointing down, click on - it will download the videos to your image or photo gallery

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Dumb question but I don’t see a way to vote for this feature. All I see is a long list of features people have mentioned at one point or another and a general “Vote” button at the top. I clicked on it but I have no idea what feature I voted for.

I’m interested in downloading event clips from the website.

Vote at the top, search for “download” and hit the like icon on all posts requesting ability to download. You can either search inline by going to the topic and using the search icon in the upper right or just do an advanced search like this: Search results for 'download topic:260065' - Wyze Forum


@WyzeSeth aren’t we implementing a way to download features in Wyze Web Portal?


If you’re implementing this, I haven’t seen it show up when I use the Webview. All I can do is view the live cams or the recorded event clips. I can’t download them.


I don’t see any arrow on the event page in the phone app.

You can download sound initiated events, they record as mp4 and are stored as such. So right click the video - save as is an option on sound events. but for some stupid reason they have motion events set to record and playback as a live stream which is what’s also causing issues with no audio for playback on some devices or web browsers. imo its wyze trying to keep control and prevent me from downloading my events and watching thru another piece of software. I regret almost everyh wyze purchase ive made!

My thoughts on wyze just wanting to keep control are validated by the fact they have the ability to set the recordings to mp4 as they are for sound events and refuse to do so for motion events and would preferably have you stream video from the cloud even though i pay for multiple camera subscriptions. i wouldnt care about the paywall for access to the features i would actually use but a paywall to access basic features jailed by a subpar app keeps me looking for other options to replace the 10 cameras i have. Also no live view in web portal for doorbell and outdoor cameras is stupid. Wyze your full of half measures.