Save Events Locally


To access the new feature in app:

  1. Open the Wyze app and go to Events. Tap on an event you want to view.
  2. Tap the Download icon at the bottom.

The new integrated feature will serve many folks needs. If you want to specify the download location the original post still serves (and the Postscripts are always good to know.)


Android user? Want to save a selected 12-second Event (“cloud clip”) to your local storage on the fly? Here’s a pretty painless way to set that up.

FYI: I’m using Android 6 on a tablet without removable storage, so YMMV - and it helps to be a little bit familiar with storage directory structures, but it’s not essential. Have a :beer: go slow and enjoy!

  1. install this 3rd party app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Wyze app and go to Events. Tap on an event you want to view and let it play to the end (~12 sec).

  2. Tap the Share icon at the bottom left, then tap the Share to Folder icon. This will put you into a mini file manager.

  3. At top left corner is a Left Arrow icon (next to the “Processing 1 file” message.) Tap this until the directory displaying next to the info_icon_red info icon reads /storage/emulated/0.

  4. Now tap the + icon at the top right, a New Folder message will pop-up, name it Clips and tap OK. You’ll then see /storage/emulated/0/Clips - the new directory you created - next to the info icon.

  5. Tap the info icon and choose “Use Current Folder” from the “Startup Folder” dialogue that pops-up.

  6. Now, at bottom left, click the green OK button. An Action dialogue pops up asking you to confirm the file Copy function you are about to perform. Tap Copy.

  • The Event file is copied to the Clips directory and you are returned to the Event video you were viewing in the Wyze app.

You’re set up.

  • From this point forward, as you are viewing a 12-sec Event in the Wyze app, you can simply tap Share at bottom left, and choose Share to Folder > OK > Copy from the successive menus that appear.

The Clips you save will automatically be available for viewing, etc, in the Google Photos app:

  • Tap the Google Photos icon, tap Album at bottom left, tap the Clips album. Happy Jack!


  1. If you want to copy/move video that has been recorded locally to your microSD card:
  • Go to Playback in the Wyze app and Record the segment you want as you are viewing it - it will be saved to the Wyze app Album.

  • Your Wyze intra-app album is named manual in the Google Photos app Albums section. You can view, copy/move, upload, share those video files from there.

  1. If you DO have removable storage on your device and can create the new directory on that (see step 4 above) well, local storage & physical portability in one-step.

  2. @DreadPirateRush posted some very useful background info on the Android file system:

  1. and @Wrecks0 this:
  1. And a little more…