Importing events to computer

How can I access and import multiple events to my computer to save/work on? I don’t want to have to do each separately!
I am on mac and use Image Capture for phone pics/videos -
The WYZE app does not show a way to even select multiple files … only to share one at a time
Anyone know if there is a way to do this?


Unfortunately there is no easy way to do that, but there are some ways. It ll take a few steps and you’ll have to do one cloud event at a time (if using the wyze app). Personally, (this may work for you but i am a google/Android person) i save stuff to a folder that syncs with my Goggle Photos, then i can go to my tablet or computer and pull the image or video to my computer via Google.

There is a rather large wish-list item for computer access to the Wyze Cams that was last updated about 2 months ago stating it was still being worked on. Check it out and give it a vote!


Thanks! - I voted!


If you have an SD card in the cam and use continuous recording, you can copy those MP4 files to your computer to work with. The are all one minute MP4s stored within the /record folder by day and hour, so it’s pretty easy to locate the clips that match your event.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do this without physically putting the SD card in your computer. So, naturally there also a wishlist item for this that you can vote for :wink::


I do not use any Apple products, so I cannot speak to that. I have an Android phone and a Win10 pc. I can move files from my phone to my pc rather easily, when I plug my USB cable from my phone into my pc.

One thing I have not yet figured out how to do is to export Heartbeat, Steps, and Sleep data from my Wyze Band into my pc. Maybe there is a way. I’ll have to connect my Band’s USB to my pc and see if I can find & move data that way. I wonder…