Cam plus events downloadable?

Are events saved to the cloud for 14 days downloaded to my harddrive?

If they are, is there anyway to automate a daily of weekly download so I have copies of all events locally and permently? ( I dont want to have to sign in every day or week and manually download them)

Pretty sure the answers are no, and no. You have to download them one by one to your phone’s storage. You can’t directly get them to any hard drive.

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If you use RTSP then you can have the video upload/saved to a local storage device or NAS.
Not compatible with WCO)

To add to what @Customer said, you can click on this icon to save the video.

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WYZE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - Time to add the multiple events select and download feature , why isn’t it not available until now , not even basic features for monthly subscriptions ???