Time Lapse Troubles

I’m having issues creating time lapses on both of my Pan cameras. I read/saw that you need to be on the same wifi network to complete this? Is this only for the first time you make a time lapse?

Also, I attempted to create a time lapse for yesterday between a specific period of time for the camera at my current location. I have an SD card in the camera continuously recording in SD. Each instance, it would not create the time lapse “Update setting failed”

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve always heard you need to be on the same wifi network when dealing with time-lapse, definitely for downloading, but quite possibly for scheduling too. All of my cameras (V2s) are on the same wifi except one so I really haven’t had much trouble scheduling and only a couple issues finding it after the fact.

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Phone does not need to be on same network to set up a time lapse, only to down load it.

I would start by power cycling the camera.

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Thank you both. I can reboot the camera and give it a try a bit later.

What I’m trying to do in both cases in create a time lapse for a period of time that’s already occurred.

I don’t think you can create a timelapse after the fact, but I could be wrong. I think you have to have it set up to begin recording at the current time or some time in the future.

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Time lapse cannot currently be created from existing video. It can only be created during future recording. However, there’s a #roadmap topic that you can vote for below. Make sure you click the VOTE button at the top:

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Ok, that’s my issue! Thank you both. We had some work done at our house yesterday and wanted to create a time lapse of that. However, not knowing the exact time beforehand, I had hoped to create it after the fact.

I’ll sit tight and hope it’s an option in a future update!


If you have real time video, what is a time lapse but just a speed up of that video. Most basic video editing software will let you speed up and save a video. That may be all you need.

That’s an option I didn’t consider. Is there a way to pull the footage from a certain period from the SD card?

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to get the video off the card:

  1. While playing it back in the app, press the record button. This is a real time process and therefore you phone will be tied up while you wait for it to play through all the footage you need.

  2. Remove the card, plug it into a computer and transfer the files.

Here’s a topic you can vote for that would allow you to download the files directly without removing the card:

If you use method #2, once you have the files you’ll need to combine them into a single video. On a Mac, this can be done in QuickTime. There are methods also available for Windows. There is some discussion of that if you search here on the forum, or the web in general.

Windows Movie Maker should combine the files and allow you to change the playback speed before saving or for converting later if you want to save the original.

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Thanks everyone. Looks like I’ll just wait for a firmware update on this. :sunglasses: