Time lapse of past events using continous recording

I have my camera always on continuous recording. I created a time lapse yesterday (live) of something i was doing outside but the interval was too sparse. So I tried to recreate the time lapse using a shorter interval (from yesterday) but the app doesn’t show the usual recording nor give me any feedback at all, it just leaves me somehow in the impression i did something wrong (since it don’t move forward).

Does any of you know if it’s possible to create time lapse based on past continuous recordings?

Some questions you may ask:

  • Yes, I have a SD card installed
  • Yes, the entire time frame I selected is recorded via continuous recording (I can watch it using the playback feature)
  • Yes, I have sufficient left over space in my SD card
  • The interval I select was Yesterday from 15h00 to 20h00 with 3s

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If I am understanding what you were trying to do, it does not work that way. Time Lapse recordings are always made “live”. They only way to make one after the fact from your recorded continuous video would be via video editing software in post production.


Exactly like @K6CCC said, timelapses are set for the future, there is no post processing that is done with previous saved footage. You’ll have to take out the sd card and place it into a computer and use a video editor of choice to speed up the saved video from the card.

I’d say remove the card now and save the timeframe you wish to have a “timelapse” made of somewhere that way it won’t rewrite over itself and you loose the footage you want to keep. It will give you options and time to figure it out while getting your camera back into service with the sd card.

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