Downloading Timelapse videos to PC & IFTT Time Lapse Rule?

Hello all. Just installed eight v4 cameras and turned on time lapse for a construction project.

First, how do I access the time lapse videos from my PC? These files are going to be very large and recording over the course of MONTHS. I can access live feed but I need to have access to the files on something other than my phone (and not wanting to climb up there and remove the mini SD cards). I was able to download the time lapse to my cell while NOT on the same network. If I use my laptop from the construction site on the same wifi will that do it?

2nd question

I don’t think this is possible but I want to set up a schedule for time lapse BUT ONLY WHEN IT SEES MOTION. I have EIGHT cameras recording and I don’t want to deal with time lapse videos for cameras that see no motion for hours on end. Is this possible?


Part one is the only way to access TimeLapse video is via the phone (while on the same LAN), or pull the µSD card. There have been requests for FTP (or similar) access to the µSD card files for years.

Part two is no.

What is Part One

Your first question.

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The longest time frame you can set a timelapse to is for a duration of one month.

I don’t understand the question. The “time lapse” feature is separate from motion event recording. Your camera can be set and recording a time lapse as well as detect motion at the same time. Can you re-phrase your question or explain it out. thanks!

I want to time lapse the renovation of this building but I don’t want the time lapse to actually start recording unless there’s Motion in the room. As of right now I’ve told the time lapse function to record for the next month. Well, as a result it ends up taking images every 20 seconds (what I set up) 24 hours a day 7 days a week during times when there is no motion or activity.

Gotcha. Currently there is no way to do that. There is a line item on a Wishlist topic about adding rules actions to the app about automating timelapses but it is not implemented yet.

You’d have to start the time lapse manually everyday at the start of the work day.

So just so we’re all on the same page there is NO way to easily download time lapse files from eight different cameras without going in and using my cell phone to download each and every single one of them?

Hey @CedarvilleHardware

Here’s something to try if you’re game:

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