How to download timelapses on a desktop instead of the app?

Recently, (AND YES IT was before the Feb 16 outage) I’ve been having issue with the app timing out and not downloading the timelapse to my album. It starts and then downloads a few percent and then stops. It does this whether I am at home on my wifi or I am using my cell phone data elsewhere. Can’t figure out the rhyme or reason why it won’t download the whole video now, when it used to. Is there a MB limit? Some have been over 500 MB.

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Same here, to the point I stopped making them. on iOS, they kept telling me to go outside and pop the SD card, if I needed it.

I’m walking disabled, it’s a big part of why I have the outside camera and make the star time-lapse!

So yeah, not part of big 16 Feb outage at all.