Download continuous footage from SD card?

I see older topics on this but nothing recent. I have multiple cameras setup with SD cards that are set to continuous recording. Is there anyways to store this footage other than physically removing the card and transferring it to a PC? I’d love the ability to login every so often and just pull and store all the data from the card to a hard drive.

Have you noticed 24 hours worth of recording on the SD card consists of 1,440 one-minute videos? Somewhere in other threads people have mentioned various software apps that can combine videos on a computer.

I guess my question would be how to get those files from the SD card to my Pc, without physically plugging it in.

You will need to use an adapter for the micro SD card to insert it in most laptops or desktop computers. There is currently no way to download videos from the camera’s SD card that I’m aware of.

Not really any way to get the files without pulling the card and reading the files with a PC. I wish you could do something like FTP the files.

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Consider voting for the download wish list item at

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This project treats a remote file share as if it were the local SD card. I’ve never tried it but I’ve read of satisfied users. Worth a shot if you want to redirect your SD recordings.

Another workaround is using TinyCam for continuous recording (without special firmware) or using any regular DVR software (with RTSP firmware).

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I’m confused. Can’t you save the file to your cell phone, then just upload it from there?

You can save a specific event to your phone, but i want to transfer over the entire contents of the SD card as I do continuous recording

While sitting around waiting for a blizzard to hit Denver, I wondered how practical it would be to fire up Bluestacks on a Windows laptop and use the previously installed Wyze app to view a random minute of playback video AND record the playback on the laptop using Mirillis Action screen capture software to create a new video file. The experience was a little bit tedious but it worked. The video is a V3 pointed out a dirty window. The laptop resolution is not great, 1366x768. But it works without removing cards, hunting for an adapter, and reviewing thousands of files on an SD card. The V3 is in HD mode. The 1-minute video file was 59-megabytes in size.

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FYI the OP @dylanoyer found a hack that is supposed to handle this.

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You can a screen record on your phone whike watching the replay and then up load to youtube to share private link.

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The only way currently to do that without pulling the card is in real time. Being able to access the uSD card remotely has been requested…

With an iPhone, I can open the Wyze App, select the desired camera, press “View Playback”, then tap “Record”. When you have captured the video you want, tap the video screen and reply to the “…it will stop…” prompt. The video is saved to your “Albums”.


As I said, that is the only way to do it without pulling the card. Problem with that is it is real time, so trying to download three days of video does not work well…
It has been requested to be able to access the uSD card remotely.

I just made a suggestion on this issue elsewhere.
The PlayBack screen should allow you to select any section of the continuous video using the progress bar and save it instantly into the phone’s Photo Library.

The way it works now is that, you have the option of either physically removing the card to edit the video using another device, or as your second option, on the PlayBack screen, you can record, starting at any point on the continuous video, into the phone’s Photo Library at real-time recording speed and manually terminate it where you want.
Therefore, saving a 30 minute random clip from the continuous video into your phone’s Photo Library takes 30 minutes and you have to manually stop it at the end of the 30 minutes.