Cool down period fail

Because of the cool down period after a car drove by, the camera failed to notify me of a person that walked right up to my door within a minute of the car passing. I would upload the video for ya’ll to see but it says I’m a new user and can’t upload videos - although I’ve been around the community for a while.

I’ll tag @moderators and get them to check your trust level so you can post the video.


I upped your trust level so you should be able to post videos. Thanks @StopICU33 for the heads up.


Video of cool down fail

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So the initial 12 second notification tripped on the black SUV? And was over before the dude made it to the driveway? What is your detection zone set to? If you lower the detection zone to only the driveway, the cars at that intersection won’t trigger the camera event. Another choose is looking at CMC, then all the motion will get saved to the cloud.

Yes triggered by passing SUV. Dude is actually standing in the road when SUV passes. Zone is wide open because we have a lot of folks that walk by and I like to keep an eye on them. Only way I knew the dude was around was that he rang my Ring doorbell

Maybe another camera install, different location that focuses on the front door area?

Redundancy and micro zone coverage is the only way these cams will have any actual use. It’s by design and part of the unwritten business plan. Think about it.

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Put an SD card in the camera. When set to continuous records, it records, you guessed it, continuously. If you set it to record on events, it will save any minute that has detected motion. So if the SUV triggers it, and then the person walking up to the front door triggers it, both will get recorded.
Especially if using continuous (I do on all of my cameras), use good quality Hi Endurance SD cards that are intended for video cameras. Else you will have cards fail before long.

I do have it continuous record, which is how I attached the video above. I didn’t get notified of motion.

Definitely a loophole setup to get your precriptions.

I have seen several occasions like this. It is annoying.

You should set your detection zone And sensitivity so it only gives notifications for action in your driveway or front porch. Then you won’t get a bunch of notifications from cars on the road. You will only get notified on the things you want to see.

He or she already said he or she WANTS to see the “other folks that walk by”, presumably where the cars appear.

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Ahem …

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I know the feeling! :angry:

This has been my biggest issue for the entire year plus I’ve had Wyze cams. Like you I’m watching for vehicles and the people that may come out of or out from behind them.

And this is exactly what we have had to do. Multiple cams dividing up what should be one general area. Driveway motion alarms that trigger cams. Etc.

If you’re in a voting mood, I think more granular detection zones would help

And also more and faster access to the SDcards