Camera detection

I have my Wyze cam set inside my front window overlooking my driveway. I have the detection zone wide open and detection sensitivity at 100%. The motion tagging triggers on vehicles or people walking past my house. It occasionally detects cars passing in front of my house but doesn’t detect me walking up my driveway to my house. Is there something I’m missing?


Maybe you are too dead on with the approach angle? Even then it should see you when you get bigger, though. My camera is offset one room over in the guest bedroom, so anyone walking up my driveway tend to cross the screen somewhat as they approach. I typically don’t have any issues with detection at that angle.

I walked around the house so I could cross the path of the camera at about 30-40 feet. I crossed it 3 times and on the 4th pass I got a notification and it had recorded me walking across my driveway. That still doesn’t seem right.

notifications have a delay. check your playback, it should’ve recorded you each time even though you didn’t get a notification. let me know if you did get the recording. if that’s the case I can tell you whats up with your notifications.

I walked past it 5 times at different distances from 20 -60 feet and it didn’t detect me on my driveway. However it has detected a few cars in the past 10 minutes. Some of the cars travel pretty fast so I can understand why it doesn’t detect all of them. But nonetheless it should have detected me. And I did check and there are no recordings of me or couples walking on the sidewalk past my house.

ok. are you running an SD card? and if so are you looking at events or at the playback? this is interesting and im sure we can get to the bottom of it.

No I’m not running an SD card. And I’m looking at the events after notification.

ok that clears things up a bit.

the event recordings ( 12 second clips) and the notifications function as one unit. after there is a 12 second clip (event) recorded. there is immediately a 5 minute cool down period. within that 5 minutes you will not record any 12 second clips or receive notifications. this would be my best guess as to why you are only seeing some recordings. you might be testing during this cool down period.

if you were to choose to use an sd card the camera would record motion ( in 1 minute increments) even during this “cool down” period as long as it detects motion which would then be available under the view playback option. although you wouldn’t receive any new notifications of them.


I’ve installed the SD card and I’ve narrowed down my scan zone so it doesn’t pickup the street or sidewalk. I had to tilt the camera down to get it narrowed enough. And it appears to be working great!

Since I have the unit set in a window I had a glow last night from the IR lights. And it looked like I had a 4 eyed demon in my window. I’ve turned off the IR option since we leave front lights turned on at night. I’ll see how well it works tonight.

Thanks for your help!!


If the OP could somehow get a motion sensor out near the driveway or the area that they wish to receive notifications from, he wouldn’t have to worry about the cool down period of the cameras. The only cool down associated with the actual motion sensors is that you have to wait for the initial motion to clear before it can send a notif again ( way faster than the 5 min cool down). Then review back the coverage on the SD card if needed.

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oh…you mean like this? lol

I just did this yesterday and it works wonderfully thus far. although it depends on his setup for the driveway

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