Driveway Cam - Vehicle Detected

Just installed my Driveway Cam. The problem: Vehicle Detected notifications. After the first 20 I turned down the sensitivity, then lowered it further after the next dozen, etc. Now down to a motion detection sensitivity of 5 and sound sensitivity of 1. These are good settings for when the US Marine Marching Band crosses my driveway, but don’t seem likely to pick up coyotes, lost cats, package thieves, and so forth.

As per other posts, perhaps it is shadows from branches, but the sun and my trees persist. I’ll try setting a filter for person/vehicle/pet just in case it’s triggered by shadows elsewhere on the driveway.

I see that this is an ongoing problem without a solution. Maybe a tiny spot on iPhones for the obsessively anxious: “Whew! Your car is still here.” Train the AI to recognize that nothing has changed? A button for “Yes, I know. Thanks. Let me know if there’s anything new”?

Great low-light sensitivity though.

As you have already realized from reading the other posts, Wyze has a real affinity for parked cars when vehicle detection is on. Any sunlight glare, shadow dancing, insect flying, etc. Will trigger the motion detection. Then, the full frame gets the AI waterboarding.

I had to turn off vehicle detection for the cam where I park.

Oh… Welcome to the user forum @wildeliver!

Wyze has said they are moving toward adaptive object detection and moving object detection… But I don’t for see a workable solution in my lifetime.

Chatted with tech support (“Denn Cyrus in the Phillipines”) - quite helpful. I set up my detection zone to exclude a light-colored tarp which showed tree shadows and reset the sensitivity to a higher level. Yes - changing two parameters at a time not recommended, but it seems to have worked. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the comments and welcome.

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Good that it’s getting better. Takes some tweaking to get it liveable, but still won’t be perfect until they make some drastic changes. You can read in the posts about their AI woes, notification troubles, Firmware failures, etc.

Good luck!

That’s nothing. Every time a car drives by my front door cam , I get a person detection alert

Good chance a Pet or Package isn’t driving that car, lol. :wink:

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The cars on my street look more like pets than people. Although many do look like people, especially the big trucks (is that implying something about the obesity problem plaguing our country?)

Today, Wyze caught Speedy the incognito :disguised_face: squirrel :chipmunk: impersonating a person! :man_facepalming: Highlights at 11.

Bravo Wyze. The finest in AI innovation.