Notifications galore after latest update V3

Since the latest firmware update I am being notified to death. It is of our front door and the shadows from the trees on the sidewalk and driveway. Any ideas on how to stop this? I even reduced detection sensitivity from 20 to 10. I finally turned the camera off which defeats the purpose.

I use CamPlus for this unit and only have it detection/notification for vehicle, people, pets. There are parked cars in my driveway.

Thanks -

From the sounds of it you are getting motion from shadows in your detection zone. When the video is uploaded it looks for any of the AI items in a snapshot, it cannot currently tell if they are moving or stationary so it is seeing you parked car and tagging as vehicle. You can turn off vehicle detection which would cut down on notifications.

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Thanks Jason21271. I will give that a try. Grateful for the sunny days just not all the notifications. :smiley:

I went to Detection Settings on the doorbell camera and blocked out all squares that display the flowers and plants that grow alongside the pathway leading to our front door. It eliminated a lot of notifications from the vegetation swaying in the breeze. All people coming up that path are of course taller than those flowers and plants, so I still get notifications of the people, except for maybe unaccompanied toddlers or midgets. :slight_smile:

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