Car notification problem

I’m having a problem with the car notifications.

I’m getting one evey few minutes all night long because the camera is pointing at my driveway and everytime I turn a light on in the house and it reflects off the car I get a notification and also everytime a car drives by with headlights on. The road is 40 feet away and not in sight of the camera but again it reflects on the parked car in the driveway.
I have had to turn off this feature which I wanted.
Any soulutions?

Which camera are you using? Do you have cam plus? I have a V3 in front of my house and if I set notifications to just AI events (Person & Vehicle) I get people notifications just great. If a huge garbage truck backs right up to my driveway I get no notifications. If I turn on all other motion events in the notification setting I have the same issue as you. As soon as motion is detected the notification will say vehicle on driveway, yeah! it is my truck sitting parked there. It happens a lot at night when lights blink on and off from neighbors down the street. Ugh!!!

I have V3 with cam plus. I thought those were the settings I had, but I’ll try them again

Just so you know if you turn off all other motion events in the notification setting you will only get notifications of “Person” even if a car drives up to your front door :open_mouth: