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Since updating my v3 cameras to I am getting very few person detected notifications on my cameras. I have 6 total and usually notifications are frequent (yet sometimes off) but overall not bad. Anyone else having issues with this version as well?

Try to adjust the sensitivity, it depends how far your trying to get we have ours set at 60 and have no issues,before or after the firmware

Verify your settings are currently where they were before the update. Sometimes different settings can change or revert when updating firmware or app.

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I have noticed this as well, but most have seemed to clear up last night.

Here is what I noticed when going through my settings.:

This is my Driveway v3, notice sound detection is off and the verbiage you get in the notifications area

This is my Garage v3, notice sound detection is off, but the option to notify on sound is still there, no verbiage like the Driveway v3

I just toggled the Sound detection on and then off, now the verbiage says the same as the Driveway.

I also went through all of my v3’s and the Sound Notification Toggle was available even though the Detects Sound is off. I reset all of the toggles and now it shows how it is suppose to show. This may be related to my v3 notification issues.

In addition, the notifications were still sporadic. I then went into the CamPlus, removed it from all of my v3 camera’s backed out to the main Wyze Screen, then cleared cache from the app. Went back in and associated CamPlus with all of the Camera’s again. I am getting more consistent notifications now. Yesterday evening, everything started t work even better. I am still having some issues with my Garage v3, which I have been working with Wyze on for a period of time. It may be a camera issue, I am going to put another V3 next to it and see if it works better.

However, my recommendation as stated above, check your settings. At a minimum, reset the toggles for the notification as I did. Please note, simply turning off or on the toggle did not correct my Notification Sound, I had to set it, back out of the menu (I think this is when it commits the change), and then go back in and set it again. I would also remove CamPlus from all or a few camera’s back out, and then go back in and set it again.