Cam Plus Detection driving me nuts

First I was getting “vehicle detected” every time my driveway cam detected motion so I turned off “vehicle detection.” So then it started giving me “package detected” instead. I turned that off so now it is giving me “pet detected.” What do I do??? Turn the camera off??? This is crazy


Well each of those “AI” detection types is selectable. Just turn them all off. Leave person detection if you wish.

I could do that but this was not an issue until yesterday. Turning these things off may seem to solve the problem but it really doesn’t. Why does AI detection keep changing for no obvious reason?

Sorry, no idea. Maybe a firmware update increased the sensitivity.

That’s ok. I should have provided more detail rather than just venting.

@aspects777, You are not alone. My cams have also developed another personality after the AI update. 4 of the 12 specifically that are pointed at “high motion” areas.

My current process to remedy this is a finely choreographed dance of slowly adjusting down the detection sensitivity a small bit at a time while fine tuning the detection zone as both of these play a crucial part in the triggering process before the video is sent for AI interrogation, Once the motion trigger is pulled by the cam and the video is fired off to Eagle Eye, you have no control. The full frame is interrogated, not just the detection zone motion that set off the event.

Keep us updated on the progress.

Be safe and well!

Just go play with it i had 2 turn down sensitivity way down on 1 V3 to 3 and the sound is set to 1 on all cameras and turned off we dont record sound at all,testing each settings on each camer,due 2 theres nob2 cameras alike have fun and God bless

Funny thing, I have not adjusted anything and today it is working perfectly fine. No packages. No pets and it only detected a person when there was one. What can you say?

Well there you go all we had was

Gremlins are on union break this weekend.

And on Monday they will take 2 hrs for lunch break

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The past couple of days, suddenly my back deck camera has started tagging almost all motion as either person or vehicle. The only motion that happens is that trees blow in the wind and the shadows slightly change shape. But they certainly look nothing like the outlines of a human or vehicle to my eyes. The camera is on Cam Plus and firmware is up to date.

Welcome to the User Forum @avah12!

And also welcome to the Wyze Flagship AI (it’s resemblance to the Titanic is purely coincidental).

The AI tagging has been severely broken for a very long time now. I logged AI tags over a 7 day period on 12 cams and had less than 50% tagged correctly. It got worse with the AI updates. There are countless topics and posts on the failure of this product.

Then there was this from Wyze yesterday:

Translation: the current AI algorithm model has reached its maximum effective potential and can’t be improved. Instead, Wyze will scrap it and do something else. Until then…turn it off or detection zone it out.

I get the same AI tags as everyone else… Sunbeams=pets, trees=people, moving cars=pets and people, trash bins and door mats=packages.

The problem is that the only thing Wyze will address the issue with is canned PR responses, nothing concrete recognizing the problem, explaining why it, along with every FW and app update in the last 6 months, has become so unpredictable and undependable, and precisely what steps will be taken to fix it.

I’m really not sure the CamPlus is worth the $ as broke as the AI is.


I came to the same conclusion a while back. Since the AI didn’t really work and since I don’t really need the unlimited recording feature, I cancelled CamPlus and switched to CamPlus Lite. Lite still doesn’t meet all my needs but I don’t pay a lot of money for features that don’t work.


I get the same thing…we just live with it,someday it might get better…wife saying o-well ould be worse

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I wish I’d read about the failure of the Plus detection BEFORE I subscribed. Truthfully, I’m surprised that there is not some attorney that hasn’t seen the Class Action potential here.

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Youcan cancel it at any time,we just live with it snd dont have any cam looking at trees so we dont get false alarms any more i had the guys move them


They moved your trees?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly the same reason why I cancelled Cam +. No sense throwing good money after bad.

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Has anyone tried the Amcrest SmartHome cameras? They look interesting with in-camera person detection and the price seems reasonable.

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