Cam Plus AI Pet Detection

I have an initial question and then possibly a follow-up question depending on the answer.

In the Smart AI screen, when you have the switches for People, Vehicles, Pets, etc. Does switching them off turn off notifications or does it disable the AI for that particular category? I assumed it was for turning off notifications, but after today I’m wondering if by switching Pet off that it actually turned off the AI function itself.

You are correct that it disables that detection from the AI.

Notifications have to be for all detections or none of them right now. There is not currently a way to have something like PETS detected and labeled in an event, but exclude that detection from notifications while still getting others like Person detections. It’s currently all or none on notifications.

Wyze is working on allowing us to choose to detect what we want and then select individual notifications for each detection, so that we can detect both pets and people but only be notified of people. Right now we can’t do this though. If we activate AI notifications we will be notified of everything we tell the AI to detect and label.

So stay tuned, they said they’re working on that option.

Okay, let me see if I got this straight. If I turn on the Pet detection, it will start recognizing my cat as a pet and label it as a pet detection. However, it will still give me notices every time she walks through the living room unless I turn off all notices (which won’t tell me if an intruder has gotten in)?

If that’s so, I have to wonder what the use of the AI is. I thought it was to eliminate false alarms by detecting it is a pet and not alerting you.

If you only have person detection enabled then it will work as you are describing. It will ignore pets and other motion and only alert you when there is an intruder or other person detected on the camera, thus filtering out all the false alarms as desired.

Currently the AI is used to either alert you anything you ask it to detect, or else to label all events for easy sorting and filtering later at one’s leisure (such as to find the cute pet videos).

A future update (hopefully coming fairly soon) will allow both options at the same time. I too am anxious for that update.

Oh so I do need to have pet turned off then, which is how I had it originally.

Need to figure out how to get it to quit notifying me every time my cat walks through the living room then. It hadn’t been an issue before. She’s been very active today, looks like she’s been chasing something - hopefully a bug and not a mouse.

Yeah, they didn’t used to have pet detections work as notifications, but they do now, so I too started getting a ton of pet notifications and had to disable pet detections on some of my cams that I wanted to keep getting personal notifications for, but not pet detections anymore…

Bet if I walked on a fours the AI would say I’m a pet…LOL
All the deers are classified as pets around my place.

Doooooo iiiiiiit! See if you can fool the camera to think you are a pet. That would make for a fun video. No cheating with Halloween deer costumes or something though.

I wonder if any burglars have tried to bypass security cameras with animal costumes so they aren’t detected as a person.

I just tested to see if I could trick the AI into thinking I am a pet, deer, or some other kind of animal by walking on 4 limbs. I tested on 3 cams…all in the name of science and improving detection and for fun:

In DARK/DIM LIGHTING (after 10PM at night):

1 V3 inside tagged me as both a person AND a pet (there were no other animals around)

1 V3 outside didn’t tag me as anything, just motion.

1 Pan Cam v2 didn’t tag me as anything, just motion (below is a part of the clip that was too long to share full length)

Walking upright on 2 legs in the same dim/dark condition as the above tests (same route, everything else the same):

All 3 cams correctly labeled me as a person while standing.

So the lighting was apparently sufficient to recognize a human when standing, but it was confused in a dark condition with me being on all fours.


1 V3 inside Correctly tagged me as a person doing the same thing as above, no pet identification this time.

1 V3 outside tagged me as a pet (not a person) (it was still fairly dark in this location though, no direct light) (EDIT: Tried again the next day during daylight and it correctly tagged me as a person now that there was enough light)

1 Pan Cam v2 correctly tagged me as a person

I should note that my Eufy cams had the same problem! I had Eufy cams monitoring the same locations and they too did NOT detect me as a person when I was crawling on 4 limbs, but they did send me person detection alerts when I was walking upright. I am sure this is a common issue in the industry. I’m glad Wyze detected correctly with sufficient lighting on the same test/route though. That is pretty cool.

On the plus side, Cam Plus still recorded EVERYTHING (as did my SD card) and my Home monitoring system still went off and alerted me to the “intrusion,” and I was able to view all the footage still. So none of that crawling around overcame the Wyze protection I had.

What I get out of these tests is the following: Keep your outside lights on, or have them turn on when motion is detected. This significantly improves correct detection at night. Even when crawling around at night I was detected as a person when there was sufficient lighting, so use a spotlight or the new lap sockets or a plug or something or just leave outside lights on, then you’re good. Also helps to have HMS contact or motion sensors on your doors/windows. No amount of crawling will trick those when they trigger.

Interesting idea @bryonhu I enjoyed trying to fake it out and seeing how it changes under different conditions.


Tried today on all fours with hoodie and it still said person detected, Dratz :exclamation: :rofl:

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At least it didn’t say “Looney detected”.

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Maybe “Looney” could be added to the AI detection’s?

Start a poll :rofl:

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I realized all those event recordings of my cat were labeled as just simply motion. So Pet AI detection wouldn’t have affected anything.

I’m still trying to figure out how this works. When I’m home, I have Detects Motion off (as well as Detects Sound, which is off all the time). I have Person Detection turned on in the AI detection section. And Notifications are set for AI events. But I never get any notifications or even any recorded events to say Person detected, even though we walk back and forth all the time.

If you have Detects Motion (and sound) turned off, does that mean it’s not doing anything under the Cam Plus AI Detection even if it’s selected? I’d like to be able to only get recording and notifications if a person is detected, but not simple motions.