Lost AI Notification Options

I recall (and can tell from a google search), that I used to be able to choose which AI events would trigger a notification. I noticed the other day I was randomly getting notifications for vehicles (didn’t have selected before) and also for things happening outside of my detection zone. Detection zone still exists, so not sure what that’s about, but now it also seems like the option the choose which AI events trigger a notification has gone away. I believe this all happened after I updated the firmware the other day. Anyone else seeing this issue or am I just unlucky?

I noticed a recent update that now gives notifications about all AI detections we have selected, instead of just the person detections.

Now, to not have notifications about Vehicles or pets or whatever else, you have to tell AI not to detect vehicles at all. Do the following:

  1. After making sure cam plus is on the cam…(which you do)
  2. Go to the Home screen and select the device there.
  3. Select settings for that cam
  4. Select Event recording
  5. Select Cam Plus AI Detection

It’s right there now with all the options you want to be detected. Remove anything you don’t want to be detected and notified for anymore.

I don’t like the way this is set up currently. I want the AI to detect EVERYTHING it can, but to only send me notifications about people. Unfortunately this is not currently possible. Everything it detects it notifies about now, and this is frustrating, as it requires me to use 2 cams instead of one for the same events. Now I have to have one cam detect everything but disable notifications, and a second cam to detect only people and notify of those events. I am hoping Wyze will do an update in the notifications to let us pick which notifications we want separate from which detections. I like to still be able to filter videos for vehicles, or pets, but I don’t want notifications for them…this is not possible though.

Anyway, that’s your answer, go disable vehicle detections and you’ll stop getting notifications for them. :wink:


This is a known problem. In addition to the detection setting toggle, we are going to provide the separate toggle to tune the notification in the later app release.