AI Notifications

I just added Cam+ to a V3 I have outside.

I have ai detection events enabled for Person and Vehicles.

I turned off notifications for all over events and just left the AI enabled.

I get notifications for Person events but not vehicles.

I only seem to get vehicles ones if there is a person in the frame too.

If I go to my events it shows the vehicle only events but I didn’t get the notification.

If I turn on notifications for all events then the vehicles notifications pop up right away.

I’ve reset the camera multiple times. I’ve removed/activated the cam+ License.

Turn off and on all notifications.

The AI processing occurs on the Wyze servers so the camera really has little effect on detection. What happens is the camera detects motion and records the video to the cloud where the Wyze servers look for people, vehicles, pets, etc. They also send alerts. It sounds like a problem with that process.

I only added it to the outside camera to cut down on the notifications from random events.

Just doesn’t make any sense that if I leave on notifications of all event the AI works and sends me the notifications for pets/vehicles/people.

But the minute I turn that off and leave just AI notifications it only works for people and nothing else.

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You may want to search the forum. I’ve seen a number of people complain about the same issues…needing all notifications on to get any. It seems to come and go as a problem as Wyze tweaks stuff on the servers.