Vehicle Detection Notifications

With the new CamPlus feature of Vehicle & Package Detection, do you need to somehow specifically activate notifications for them? Vehicles are tagged in Events but never a notification. The only option I have is for AI Events which I think would include vehicles.

Wyze AI Events would include the vehicle detection

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You find those choices under account… Services… Cam Plus, choose the camera… Then you will see this.

I have all of those checked. I deleted the motion zone to include the street and vehicles are properly being tagged, I’m just not being notified. Person works fine. Since posting the original I’ve gotten a couple person and vehicle, but still not all the solo vehicles.

I am having the same issue. Reported the problem to the Support group over the weekend and a ticket was created. Have several v3 cameras, all with Cam Plus, all with the AI set for both Person and Vehicle. The Vehicle events are marked with Vehicle but never get a notification with only the AI Motions set. If I set the Notification for All Motions, then I get the Vehicle notification and it is noted in the notification as being a Vehicle. The events also have it noted as Vehicle. Don’t want to keep all motion as the outdoor camera pick up the tree movements, birds, animals, etc. Firmware and software app all on latest version.