Turn Off Vehicle, Person, and Pet Notifications Separately

I recently installed a PanCam in my garage and I had to turn off the very useful AI function because it sent me 1 notification every minute that a Vehicle was detected. Yes, I do have a Vehicle in my garage haha. It would be a great help to be able to turn on and off Vehicle, Person, and I read soon to be Pet Notifications “separately”. This way we can take advantage of certain features that pertain to the environment we put our cameras in. I still want to have Person detection in my garage in case of an intruder but not Vehicle detection when my parked car is there every minute. I’m sure once the Pet detection is rolled out, those of us with Pets will want to adjust that feature separately also. Just a suggestion, you may already be working on. :wink: Thank you!


@pjjr87 Welcome!

This feature is already available in the Wyze app. Go to account > Services > Cam Plus > Select Camera. Select on or off the AI preferences. (Person Detection, Face Recognition, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, Package Detection)


Thank you so much StopICU33! I asked Wyze support and was told this wasn’t possible yet. I just followed your directions and Voila! I’m back in business. Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Does selecting the AI detection categories limit the filters in the Events, or also which type of events you get notifications for? I would like to retain the ability to sort events by, say, vehicle detection while only receiving notifications for person detection. Is that possible?


I would also find this very useful.

Has anyone else had problems turning on face recognition? One of my cameras has it turned on but when I try to set the other cameras up, it just turns itself off after I agree to the rules. Basically I turn face on and the switch turns itself off after I agree to their restrictions.

I don’t even have the option for Face Recognition in my Cam Plus settings for my cameras. :man_shrugging:

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You don’t have it because it has not been released yet. I think it is still in Beta testing and can be used by people who sign up to be beta testers.

The UX is pretty confusing here because I shouldn’t be expected to turn off AI/detection when it’s the notifications that I want off. I want to use the AI and record things (maybe even filter what gets recorded), I just want to be able to filter when viewing the recordings (which exists) and the notifications (which kinda doesn’t exist).

I feel like detection, recording, and notification can all have different settings for each detection type (motion, vehicle, pet, person, package). A 3-column, 5-row table of checkboxes would work…?

It’s even more confusing that the person/package/vehicle/pet settings are within Account->Services->each camera, when I also need to go to each camera->Settings for generic event recording, generic notifications, and generic detection settings.


Can anyone confirm this is still working on the latest beta release? For some reason my cams decided to start giving notifications for all vehicles today and it’s driving me nuts!

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If you select the AI filters in Cam Plus and in the Camera Settings under notification select AI Notifications you will…

  1. Only be notified of the Selected AI event
  2. All Events will still be recorded
  3. In the Events Tab, you can then select Filters and filter the events based on the AI you are interested in.

So to answer your question and assuming I understood exactly what you are asking, Yes, you can only be notified on the select AI Event and Filter the Event Tab based on the AI option you want, among other things.

Mine was also driving me crazy today. Under services with the beta app, I couldn’t choose which AI options to notify. I uninstalled the beta app and installed the regular app. The options are there and it’s no longer driving me crazy.


@RanHalen - Yes, just started happening to me. I get killed on my driveway with cars… I turned off that notification long ago. Seems they removed a button or forgot to give us access.

I think removing the ability to break down the AI events would be a mistake. It is very helpful for those of us on a busy street for example. I still want my camera to catch people/packages (it does that VERY well).


Still happening with the new firmware as well. My detection zones, rules, advanced options have all failed now. This is frustrating

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Something to try to eliminate the Vehicle Notifications. Install the latest Beta App for iOS and/or Android. Click on the camera reporting vehicle detection, click on the gear at the top right, select Event Recording and then click on the CamPlus option. This is where you can set the AI options now. Make sure the Vehicle setting is off. if it is off, toggle it on and then off. See if this works for you.

I have had my V3 notifications turned off for a week or so. I’ve had the notifications set on the AI to Person, Package and Vehicle all other motions off for the last 6 months and they still are. I turned on my notifications today while the wind was blowing and got swamped with vehicle notifications (My Truck parked in the driveway) and the tree on the right side of the drive swaying in the breeze. This is the first time that has happened to me, the AI events only notifications worked great before. iOS app 2.23.23 and V3 on cam plus, firmware I was really surprised.

The AI for vehicle detection only checks to see if there is a vehicle anywhere in the video. It currently can not tell if it is parked or moving. That is why you get vehicle detected even though it is just sitting in your driveway

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I don’t think this works anymore. When I go to Accounts > Services > Cam Plus (tab) and select a camera under a particular plan (I have annual plan), it just lets toggle the license usage (assigned or unassigned).

Update: it’s now: From Home screen, click a camera > upper-right gear icon > Event Recording > Smart Detection.


I don’t see those options in the settings you described. I’m still in the “free trial” period, so its possible they’re only available once subscribed?