Wyze doorbell vehicle detection help

Can anyone help me with turning off just the Wyze doorbell vehicle detection push notification?

I have “smart detections” with just person selected. It’s working fine on my other wyze cameras that are set up the same way. Unfortunately the doorbell keeps alerting me about cars even though only person is toggled on.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Firmware is up to date.

Toggle on vehicle detection, clear app cache , force close app.

Then toggle off vehicle detection and see if that saves the setting change.

I did this when I wasn’t receiving notifications on my video doorbell pro and this helped me. Hope this helps

I tried that no luck. I then uninstalled the doorbell and reinstalled it. I am still getting vehicle notifications. This is really obnoxious.

It may need a reset \ resync with the server.

  • In Event Recording, disable all Smart AI options.
  • In Notifications, disable Detects Wyze AI Events.
  • Clear the cache in Account → App Settings
  • Sign Out in Account
  • Close the app.
  • Restart the phone
  • Power Cycle the doorbell by turning off the breaker that controls the transformer power to the doorbell for at least 30s before turning power back on.
  • Log into the app.
  • Open the doorbell and set the Event Recording to only Person.
  • Toggle the notifications on for Detects Wyze AI Events
  • Test

Well now some of my other cameras are sending “person” detection for vehicles driving by. I’ve always had vehicles turned off because getting constant alerts of cars driving though my neighborhood is pointless. Only people in my yard is useful.

I wonder if there’s an ai update that has caused this.

That may not be the Vehicle being tagged as a person. Yes, the vehicle may be the object in motion that initiated the Motion Activated Event Upload. And yes, the green Motion Tagging box may be on the vehicle. But both of those are applied by the cam before it is ever uploaded to the server. The WyzeAI Bot on the server doesn’t discriminate between moving objects or stationary objects. It interrogates ALL objects in the Active DZ FOV. A return of a Person tag may very well be the AI Bot mistaking a stationary object(s) as a person. Wyze does not currently mark videos with an overlay visual to indicate what object is carrying the AI tag.

It is an AI mistake nonetheless, but can be dealt with thru trial and error use of the DZ.

I used to get Person Event notifications all the time when a car drove down the street. My Vehicle Detection is off. After learning that Wyze regularly updates the WyzeAI Engine without notice, that the updates can change the tagging in my FOV, and that stationary objects are also tagged equally, I began using the DZ to methodically block out trees, signs, posts, etc. one at a time to see if it helped. After blocking out my mailbox that has a bush in front of it, the Person tagging stopped. I found my mystery person hiding in plain sight.

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Have you had any resolution? I’m having the same problem