Does the cool down period affect multiple cameras?

I have 1 camera that points outside and sends alerts on person detection. Not on motion detection as that happens all the time when the trees outside move. If someone walks into my driveway this works well and I get a notification. If a car drives into my driveway then by the time the person gets out of the car and walks to my door it has activated the cool down period and the person detection does not happen and I get no notification.
I want to know if I buy a second camera that points down from the front door away from the driveway so that it will not detect the car will this second camera send me a person detection notification when the person gets to the front door or will the first camera have activated cool down period for both cameras?

The cool down. Only applies to the camera that was activated . So if one camera is activated for motion it then goes into a cool down after the clip after the 12 seconds,

until the other camera detect motion and records it’s clip it will not go to cool down. The cameras operate entirely independent of each

if you have that second camera monitoring in the area where the car itself would not be picked up but the person would be picked up at they get it and on the way to your front door then you will get person detection for that second camera and it should notify you just as you need

I have a similar issue so I actually have one camera to alert me when someone pulls in my driveway on the south side, and another one that alerts me when someone is on my front porch


Thanks! That’s just what I wanted to know.

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