Detection problem / 5 minutes and my theory!

The person detection and notification up till the last event seemed to be working great. What a difference it has made. However I had someone come to the door today and no detection or notification!

The only thing different then usual was I had moved the pan camera to show not just the front porch only, to showing both the porch and the road out front. Normally it is a very quiet residential street with very little traffic but the town has been working on the road this week.

Looking at the playback (go SD card!) and the motion events, I’m thinking it’s a 5 minute delay issue. Looking back… at 8:58am 3 minutes before he came to the door, a truck on the road went by triggering a motion event. He came up on the porch and knocked at 9:01am, staying there for about a minute. Then at 9:03 another car went by and sure enough a motion event was logged.

Solution… re-tilting the camera down again so it just sees the porch will solve this. Dare say after I tilted it up to also see the road, it was luck that any person at the door was not within 5 minutes of any other motion trigger! Thoughts / agree / disagree?

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Yes, you’ll only get a notification once every 5 minutes. Hopefully they work to eliminate this in the future. Either through a paid service for more cloud storage or the ability to point storage to a personal web or IP address.

In order to see the street and not have cars trigger the motion you could try using Detection Zones under; device settings, detection settings, detection zone

To get around the 5 min cool down between motion notifications you could use a Wyze motion sensor, this would create some redundancies with motion detection, but you could disable the notification for the camera and rely on the sensor

Here is a spot to vote for the ability to adjust the 5 min cool down, would probably end up being a subscription service: