Let Person detect override other movements

When someone drives up and triggers recording and it takes more than 12 seconds for them to get out of the car I cannot see the person in the clip. I would have to go to the storage and watch the video to see who got out of the car.

If the camera can prioritize, if a person gets out of the car in like 20 seconds, the app should alert me of the person detect even though the car triggered alert already.

Wyze is currently looking into a few other options with the AI. with the AI being done with edge computing on the camera there are more options then if it was just in the cloud. they are currently looking into having the AI work on the Wyze Sense kit, so motion detectors, and it has been brought up that it would be nice if it would just scan whats being recorded to the SD card. both are entirely possible with the AI algorithm working ON THE CAM, but its not for sure going to happen, and there is no timeline to when it even might happen. if the second one were implemented, that would solve your issue.

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I noticed today that when I got home and walked clearly in front of my camera, it didn’t pick up my movement. In reading other posts, it is because a car drove past my house a minute before, setting off the motion detection, which started the 5 minute rule before the next alert.

It would be nice, if the Person Detection would reset that 5 minute rule to insure the Person is alerted.

Also, I have trees in the area of the cameras that cause a lot of motion detection, and if it isn’t the trees themselves, their shadows pick up the motion. If I were to mute out the trees and the shadows, there would be no area being detected. A great use of AI would be be Tree and Shadow detection, to prevent those alerts in the first place.


As an extension every movement triggers motion and causes me to miss people during cool down period. Which is one of the main things I want to capture.

hello, currently there are only two options in the event recording setting. Motion and sound. However I wish there would be an option for person. So whenever a person is detected that would trigger to record an event. I know the person detection service is available and I have enabled it. But that will only record and notify if I enable motion event recording which ends up courting everything that moves anyways. If your camera is facing a road it’s going to capture all the cars and with the 5-minute cool down after a detection you might miss a person, which has happened in my case. Just a suggestion it would be really nice to have. Thank you.

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I agree with this. Got the Wyze cam v2 for my father who sometimes have visitors at weird times at night and like to be notified when somebody approaches. But unfortunately many times the person’s car sets off the motion trigger (and 12s recording), and by the time they’re out of the car the 5min cool-off period has set in and no notification is sent.

Typically when they leave again then the person sets off the motion triggering, the 12s recording starts and the person is correctly tagged (and notifications sent etc.).

Would it overload the CPU of the camera to do for example a frame-every-second analysis and then only trigger recording if a person is in that frame? And then have the same cool-down periods etc. afterwards?

Or a “possibly a person” and less strenuous algorithm analyse first and then if it thinks a person is there, then go into a more accurate mode?

Just some thoughts.

Please add this function:
Ability to save only events that include a person

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I have a camera at my front door. The clip starts when a delivery truck pulls up in front of my home. By the time the delivery person is at my door it is past the 12s. Since this event does not register a “person” the event will not sort for a “person” or send a notification for a “person”

The person recognition needs to restart the 12s when a person enters the event.



  1. Per camera/device event recording delay parameter.
  2. Make Person events standalone events not motion subsets. (All I want is person events. I don’t care about seeing my car drive into my garage or my garage roomba doing its job.)

I got this to monitor Amazon Key deliveries. (Amazon’s deal with liftmaster/chamberlain to allow in garage deliveries.) Without jumping through hoops it doesn’t work well at all for that purpose. The hardware/picture quality is fine for my needs. The basic software parts are there too but, unless I just can’t figure it out, are a bit brain dead.

Here is my process and the issues. I first put it in the garage facing the garage door. The garage door, ironically enough, takes 12 seconds to rise. So by the time someone walks in the cloud recorded event is over. (Yes I’ve got a sd card and can manually go see if that particular event was my Amazon dude but what a needless waste of time.) I then positioned it near the garage door so it didn’t ‘see’ the garage door opening figuring the person walking in would trigger the motion. That didn’t work either because it quickly senses the change of light as the door opens.

SO… what is needed is a per device event recording delay time in its settings menu. All this would do is when an event is triggered is to wait the event recording delay time before it recorded the 12 seconds and sent it off to (rumored) China. I’m not asking for more of your cloud time. 12 seconds is fine if you get the right 12 seconds. You have timers already for cool down period ect. So this addition would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

My second gripe is your so called Person detection implementation. As far as I can figure it is a subset of general motion detection but not a trigger itself. In my use as described I wouldn’t need a event recording delay time if the event started with the actual detection of a person. But what seems to happen is a motion event is triggered and then the software looks to see if a person shows up within the 12 second recording window. (Again digging through ones sd card looking for people is not an acceptable solution in my opinion.) Based on your person detection video you claim this, so called, AI is done on the camera itself and not after the fact on the cloud recorded event. So if I’m looking for person triggered events then the person could be the trigger rather than random motion prior, as nothing needs to be uploaded to the cloud for analysis if it’s truly done on camera.

Anyway, in my opinion, not quite there yet but the bones are good so I’m looking forward to software based improvements.

ps. (I don’t actually care if China is storing videos of my garage. It’s not that interesting of a garage.)

The only thing I can think of is to put one of the Sense motion sensors in the position you have the cam here (the one pointing away from the door). Sense is a PIR sensor so the light change won’t affect it, Turn off motion detection on the cam and set it to record when the sensor sees motion.

I know it is still a work around but due to how person detection works it is the only way currently. Person detection looks at the video taken by motion and decides if a person is there after the fact.

If you have a Sense motion sensor around it could be worth a shot.

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It would be nice to have an option to leave people detection and notification always on with minimal or no cool down period. Motion detection itself can create a lot of events on a busy street like ours due to vehicles. It’s nice not getting all those notifications. However the five minute cool down can cause people to be missed. For example, a delivery truck pulls up and triggers a motion detection event. It takes the driver a bit to get out and bring the package to the door. That person event never gets identified or triggers notification because Wyze Cam went into 5 minute cool down from the motion detection event of the arriving truck. If person detection and notification was always on, this delivery would trigger a person detected notification and we would know the package was delivered. We have missed at least two deliveries in the last week due to this behavior.

Granted, we can review the recorded video on the Wyze Cam. But that also means getting all motion detected notifications, parsing those for delivery vehicles, switching to historic view and finding the time frame, etc…

Thanks. I can think of another way. That would be for Wyze to make a couple simple software changes. Apparently a “notification event” doesn’t exist until it’s uploaded to the cloud. So assuming “person” is selected in the option and ‘motion’ is not then the onboard software still looks for motion but only prepares it for notification upload if a 'Person" is detected else { discard_clip_for upload(); cancel_cool_down_timer(); } This should work because per their claim (A Huge Update for Wyze Cam - YouTube) all the person detection AI is done in the camera before anything is uploaded anyway. It’s only software.

Once one starts adding external motion sensors etc then it just complicates things in my opinion.

This is so dead simple to implement (assuming their “Person detection AI” is real) I can only think they don’t do it because they want you to buy their sensors etc. “Give away the razor to sell the blades” sorts of thing. On the other hand until they get this fixed I’ll keep my existing Wyze cam and pan cam but not add anymore wyze cams to my collection.

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Reasonably Wyze, of course, doesn’t want to pay for a zillion events stored on the cloud. If they coded this differently they wouldn’t have to.

If they used this approach (Let Person detect override other movements - #12 by wakewatcher ) then the cool down timer is only set if/when a person is detected if person is selected but general motion is not. Super easy, barely an inconvenience if they were motivated to do it.

Would like person detection without motion being on - don’t need to record trees blowing in the wind !!!


So, as I understand it, all the work on person detection is negated if a prior motion triggers the 5 minute cool down? If person detection is turned on and motion detection is also turned on, I only get notifications if a person sets off an alert, so as others have pointed out, a car pulling in the driveway sends a file to the cloud but doesn’t trigger a notification, when bad guy gets out of the vehicle, no notification is sent? For the few times this critical event happens, when you really need the notification of person detection, I’d gladly give up a day or two or three of the 14 days cloud storage to get that rather important notification.

Nobody seems to care.

It can be frustrating. I was hoping for something big as a man or bigger moving in my direction detection.

If you see a human, bear, horse, car, truck or dinosaur alert me.

Anything smaller than a man you can ignore.

Hopefully I won’t be robbed by midgets in a golf cart.

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I don’t want to get notified when a tree branch blows in the wind :scream::scream::-1::-1: - only people

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Please make faster alert notifications for person detection. Thanks.

I have a camera mounted above my motion sensing light. I (mistakenly) thought this would be an ideal application. What happens is anytime a person triggers the light, the camera detects the light coming on, and appears to be overwhelmed by the light and misses the person every time.