Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

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Please make a Paid Subscription for more cloud storage and longer event recording. Thanks.

Is there any easy way to get the SD video to local computer without take it out of the cam?

Not that I am aware of, that is one of the things people want is either ability to view on a PC and an easier way to transfer video to a PC. The videos save on the SD card as 1-minute videos. So even recording continuous you will have 60 separate videos every hour. When viewing playback on the cam they play seamlessly but on a PC it is a little harder.

Yes, don’t put it in the camera. If your camera is readily accessible, like on a shelf or window sill you may be able to use an extender.

Many of my cams are readily accessible. I purchased two of those extenders to put in cams so I could swap out the SD card easily without moving the camera. For example I had 2 cameras mounted against glass windows capturing certain scenes. I wanted the scenes to match, so I used the extender to hold the MicroSd card. Then I could just swap out the card easily without dismounting/remounting the camera.


You can hit the Record button while playing back the SD card video in the app. This saves it to your phone’s camera roll which you can then share to your computer. But unfortunately, this is a real time process.

There’s a Wishlist topic that you can vote for on this:

This would be a much better option than a paid wyze subscription

You can download one at at time, which would work for just a few. Then what I did was email it to myself and saved the file to my PC.

This is exactly what frustrates me. Car pulls up, light activates the motion but recording cuts off before persons exit the car. And no subsequent recording of the continued action. I am not using SD card currently but I’ll give it a try.

SD card will definitely give you what you’re looking for. They’re also releasing a feature called “Complete Motion Capture” that will remove the 12-second limit and cooldown period for cloud recordings, for $1.49/month.

Also in testing is a feature that will let you jump directly from the 12 second cloud event clip to the corresponding time on the SD card recording.

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I know this isn’t directly related to the enhanced cloud recording feature but is Wyze working on or considering an outdoor camera? I’m aware of the challenges involved with powering the camera but there are a lot of existing solutions available already. Reviewing some of the ways competitors have approached this issue may be helpful. The old adage, don’t recreate the wheel comes to mind here. Oh and a big shout out and thank you to Wyze for replacing my faulty pan cam. That is top notch customer service and loyalty. I am very much loyal to you. I will not even consider cameras from your competitors.

They are! They’re in the final testing phase of the outdoor camera. I know they’re looking to make it available to customers soon. Tentatively, they’ve talked about having it available for early access before the end of the year. It should be very soon. :slight_smile:

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So, CMC sounds like a compelling feature, but for people with multiple cameras or whose cameras don’t actually get much activity, I don’t find the pricing all that compelling at $17.88 a year per camera. To be fair, for cameras that do record a good amount of activity, $1.49 per month seems pretty reasonable.

This FAQ entry says the expected monthly data usage per camera is 15-25 GB, Assuming about 1 MB per 12 second clip, and the standard 5 minute cooldown period, Wyze is currently prepared to store 12 MB/hour or about 8.6 GB/month per camera for free. That’s worst case of course.

I’d suggest the following alternate pricing model for each camera enrolled in the CMC option. Charge 10 cents per GB of video generated, capped at $1.49 per month (roughly 15 GB). Preferably, make it free if it’s under 1 GB (or some reasonable limit). To avoid tiny transactions, you could use a top-up model for charging – that is, people deposit a minimum of, say, $10, and Wyze generates a monthly invoice and deducts from your account balance, and automatically tops up the account with another $10 when you reach a minimum balance.

I have seen it mentioned that they looked into other ways but pricing was not linear, so this was the best option.
The structure you put forth would also involve a lot more work than the flat fee they currently have come up with.

Well, “best” option is obviously subjective. I’m biased, but I think with my proposed model, a lot of people would sign up all/most of their cameras. I’m not sure a lot of people with multiple cameras will go for $1.49 a month per camera.

You are correct ‘best’ is very subjective. I have 1o cameras but will probably only use it on a few ‘important’ ones.

Without “whole household” subscription option Wyze pricing model is DOA for my purposes (9 cameras and looking to add more). I’ll continue to stick to SD cards for now.

Even Nest will be offering a $6/month plan for all cameras in a household so Wyze should offer a competitive ‘all you can eat’ pricing option as well.

I still think overall it is competitive when you also add in the startup costs (purchase of the 10 or so cams themselves)

Popping by to update that this was released on 11/19/19. :slight_smile: