Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

I’m probably missing something,but why is 14 days useless for most people? I’ve been sitting here trying to imagine a scenario where I need to see more than the last 14 days of absolutely nothing of import occurring before the 1st day 14 days ago makes room for the 2nd. I feel like I must be missing something because the average person doesn’t even need 7. Can you clarify?

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I think the issue with most is the 5-minute cool down, I know some have said they would be willing to have less storage time if the cool-down was shortened or removed.

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I think it should be an option. For someone like me who just monitors the cats, free storage for maybe 24 hours is fine with me. I don’t need a less cool down for my purposes I wouldn’t need to store anything longer than that whether cloud storage or otherwise. But I see the need for others to want the paid option and less cool down so an option would be great. Or at least a way to set up SD card alerts (if that is possible).

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, this feature is being tested now in the Beta app. :slight_smile:

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Also offer some 3rd party cloud drive support. Like google drive, onedrive etc.

There’s a separate #wishlist topic for that here: Cloud Storage on 3rd party Storage Providers.

Please hop on over there and VOTE for it. For your vote to count, you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page.



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I just received my first Wyze Cam today, to use for security cams around my house. And learned about the 5-minute cool down this afternoon. Seriously? For a security cam?

Is there a way to sign up for the beta? If not, I’ll be returning these cameras right away.

Yes these record 12-second videos with a 5-minute cool down in between. You can put an SD card in them that will allow you to record 24/7 or record all motion events. This is one of the main reasons they are not truly a security cam and they advise that they should not be used as one (but that is a whole other argument). People will use them for what they want. I use mine for security but I have a card in each cam and use the cloud recording as a marker where to look at the full recording.

As you can see they are testing for a paid version that will change the recording limits. To sign up to be a beta tester you can go here:

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You may be interested in doing some reading here on the Support Pages it could be helpful for you


Please make a Paid Subscription for more cloud storage and longer event recording. Thanks.

Is there any easy way to get the SD video to local computer without take it out of the cam?

Not that I am aware of, that is one of the things people want is either ability to view on a PC and an easier way to transfer video to a PC. The videos save on the SD card as 1-minute videos. So even recording continuous you will have 60 separate videos every hour. When viewing playback on the cam they play seamlessly but on a PC it is a little harder.

Yes, don’t put it in the camera. If your camera is readily accessible, like on a shelf or window sill you may be able to use an extender.

Many of my cams are readily accessible. I purchased two of those extenders to put in cams so I could swap out the SD card easily without moving the camera. For example I had 2 cameras mounted against glass windows capturing certain scenes. I wanted the scenes to match, so I used the extender to hold the MicroSd card. Then I could just swap out the card easily without dismounting/remounting the camera.


You can hit the Record button while playing back the SD card video in the app. This saves it to your phone’s camera roll which you can then share to your computer. But unfortunately, this is a real time process.

There’s a Wishlist topic that you can vote for on this:

This would be a much better option than a paid wyze subscription

You can download one at at time, which would work for just a few. Then what I did was email it to myself and saved the file to my PC.

This is exactly what frustrates me. Car pulls up, light activates the motion but recording cuts off before persons exit the car. And no subsequent recording of the continued action. I am not using SD card currently but I’ll give it a try.

SD card will definitely give you what you’re looking for. They’re also releasing a feature called “Complete Motion Capture” that will remove the 12-second limit and cooldown period for cloud recordings, for $1.49/month.

Also in testing is a feature that will let you jump directly from the 12 second cloud event clip to the corresponding time on the SD card recording.

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