Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

Plenty of people here have already expressed the feelings I have with Wyze. Great cameras for the price, but the 12 second clips, every 5 minutes, significantly discourages me from recommending these to others as they were recommended to me.

My wife and I are expecting our first child and wanted to install security cameras inside the house. Mainly to check in on the nanny every once in a while. We were recommended these cameras by friends who own a few. We purchased 3, installed them, only later to find out about the 12 second recording time (our friends main purpose is to check in on their dog, so continuous recording is not a feature they need). Yes, I could add a microSD card, but if stolen it becomes useless. For this reason I too would like have the option to enroll in a monthly subscription plan that will allow for significantly longer recording times, ideally continuous, for a reasonable fee.

If it weren’t for the fact that I threw away the packaging and therefore can’t return the cameras, I would invest the money on a system that allows continuous recording to the cloud, even if the cameras are significantly more expensive.

I recommend these to many people but that is one thing to be up front about because it does not work for everyones use

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I wish that the recordings were longer than just 12 seconds! Is that a possibility in the future?

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We’re working on it. :slight_smile:


Why can’t you guys make it possible to continue watching a 10 second event? Like if you have it stored locally, instead of going through the recording and manually finding the clip yourself, why not make the software find that time stamp for you? Or add the ability to just continue watching the clips seamlessly from AWS video>local storage? Or is this all impossible. @WyzeGwendolyn

be a little bit more patient with us :slight_smile:


You got it! Was more of a suggestion, didn’t want to come off as rude. I’m excited for the future! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t have answers for you. But I would trust WyzeDongsheng! :smiley:

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I would happily pay a reasonable monthly fee for longer storage and to eliminate the 5 minute cool down.

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Same here, I’m happy to pay a subscription for a shorter cool down and longer clips. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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Hi, it would be very helpful to have an option to record longer than 12 seconds events.
Thanks for your professional attitude and good products.

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Thanks, Tom! We are developing a solution for this. :slight_smile:

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I will more then happy to pay to be able to have more than 12 seconds in the cloud. I have 13 wazy cameras 4 door sensor and 2 motion sensor the only think I need now is more record time in my cloud.

Thank you very much

I will be happy to pay also…depending on cost.

I will be happy to have the option to pay for cameras where I need more than the basic free 12-second clips.

It’s the lack of a free option and being forced to pay subscription fees that kept me from buying smart cams from the other brands. Wyze was (and still is) a too-good-to-be-true alternative to all the subscription madness if you can live with the 5-minute cooldown limitation. Glad to hear Wyze will soon be offering even more choices to customers!


I’d like to see this. Take a look at the Neo Cam in the UK and the subscription structure they’ve introduced for longer videos and shorter cool down. Keep the free option but allow us to get more out of the camears, and pay you as well!

A paid option would be great for those that would value it but I’m personally not looking for another paid service - maybe for some private users or business owners but not for me. I use my Wyze CAM as a security device when I’m away which isn’t very often as I’m retired. Paying a monthly fee wouldn’t be attractive “for me”. I would like to see the free cloud service allow for more clips, less cooldown, but less long term storage (24 hrs or so) as just another “option”. I can’t ask for the moon when the service is free but my thinking is the end result may be the same (suggestion above) regarding the load on the Wyze cloud storage. Local storage is great but in the event of a home break-in the camera, and footage, may also be stolen. The 5 minute cooldown just breaks the usefulness of a Wyze CAM - for me.

I am definitely in the category of people who would pay for a subscription service to allow for a longer recording and less cooldown.
Alternatively, if the camera could record or flag the events directly on the SD card, that would be awesome as well.
I have 7 cameras around my home, and the biggest aggravation for me is that I miss so many events. At night the cameras catch plenty of bugs flying by and miss everything else. The only thing I am relying on is the inserted SD cards. So if I find something has been stolen damaged, I would need to view the Playback and try to find when it happened.

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I too would be willing to pay for an optional subscription storage plan to remove the cool down period. I would think your company would want to create a new revenue source from these paid subscriptions. Many of your competitors offer paid subscription storage.

This is singly handedly the biggest reason I stopped buying the cameras and am now using a different brand.