Looking for better video playback and editing

Hey all. Where can I go to make feature requests that might actually get heard and implemented? I can’t believe some of the features missing that just make sense to me. Or, is there a third party app that can control these and has better features?

Just a couple that would be super handy is 2x, 4x, and maybe 6x playback speed rather than, or in addition to, the skip 30s option. Or being able to set a start and end point to trim a video clip before saving it. Or, how about having the previous 5 or 10 seconds before an event be included in the event clip?


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There is the #wishlist where you can submit new ideas for products and features. Here is the info link:

Looks like some of you comments already have current wishlist. Visit to vote and comment in support!


What I want is a better frame rate. If something comes into view for a whole second then leaves, it just vanishes! So much is missed in videos because there is too much of a lapse between frames. Really hard to see an intruder well if that happens!

The expected frame rate of a V3 fixed-view cam is on the order of only 50 milliseconds during the daytime, and maybe 66.6 mS at night. Any more than that I’d suspect slow SD card, slow device, or slow network. What are you using?

Also if Android, I’d also include whether Hardware Decoder is enabled in Account tab > App Settings.

How about just next and previous buttons for events recorded on sd. Freaking timeline control just impossible to just go to start of next or previous event or recording. The thirty second advance just maddens the process.