Download Video from Wyze Cam SD Card on iOS

Hello all!

I wanted to know if anyone knew of a way to download video from a wyze cam SD card other than by clicking record and rewatching it in real time. This is honestly a pain and frustrating that I can’t seem to find an easy way to download from the SD card.


Hi Ryan,

The only other way at present is to remove the card and copy the files over to a computer.

There is a #roadmap topic (link below) that you can vote requesting the ability to download directly. Please hop over there and click the VOTE button at the very top.

There are actually two #roadmap requests to download files.

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Thanks for the catch. I’ll see about merging them.


I didn’t know if the two approaches to downloading were close enough to merge, but wanted to mention the options.


Just trying to bump this up for further consideration. Everyone of the 6 other people I know with Wyze cams, specifically mostly the Wyze Pan/tilt/zoom are dying for this feature.

Either FTP or SFTP, or like mentioned above Samba file sharing protocol built in to Windows and mostly everything else.

FTP/SFTP/Samba, either of the 3 would allow us to setup automated scheduled downloads of the files either through FTP clients or scripting, or back programs.

Please Wyze help us! I don’t want to move systems.


We’re in the same situation. Ever since Wyze lost their Xiaomi integration their motion and person detection (even their paid service) is totally unreliable.
We recently had vandalism done to our property and didn’t get a motion/person event for it. But the camera is pointed right at where it occurred. So now we’re tediously watching 17 hours of normal speed video streamed from our Wyze app to try and find the person… This is TOTALLY unacceptable for a security camera system!

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Minor correction: That was that did the person detection before, not Xiaomi.

Just to ditto the above remarks, I would love to either connect directly through Wifi to the device to download/move the video files–even connecting the device directly to the camera would be favorable than pulling the mini-sd card out.

It’s been a few years now. This seems like a highly sought after feature. Why won’t Wyze listen to its customers?

On the V3 you can tap playback and record and the event video will record to your iOS device photo/video gallery.


So still no way of downloading without climbing up to remove the card? What’s the purpose of allowing recording to local media if not allowing the user a way to remotely copy it down?

Seems like a serious flaw in road map planning.

I finally catch something on my camera and I have no way to download to my phone without having to remove the SD card? I’m having a hard time understanding why this has not been prioritized? Am I missing something or is there an easier way to do this?

Scratch that. Antonius suggestion above worked for me. Hit playback then record and the video saves on your device (Android in my case). Thanks and I withdraw my earlier comment.

Yeah, that works but what if you want to download a couple of hours worth of video? I did that myself yesterday to get 5 minutes worth of video.

Wyze should let a user highlight a section of video and then opt to save that to a file. THAT would be a killer feature.