Allow selective editing/delition of videos on SD card

It is not good that we have to remove the SD card from the camera in order to delete videos. And the option should be implemented where the user can access videos on the SD card and delete selected videos and not have to reformat the SD card.

What videos are you trying to delete? Continuous or event only recording to the SD card, or Timelapse’s or what? Is this a battery powered outdoor cam or a v3?

My daughter was trying to delete SOME of the videos from the SD card. I don’t know if they are continuous or event, etc. It’s with a v3, not battery powered. So far, it seems if you want to delete any specific videos from the SD card you have to remove the card and put it into a computer to do this. I verified this with Wyze customer support. The only option with Wyze is to format the SD card if you want to delete videos from the SD card.

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One of the limitations to doing that is that the firmware on the cam would need to have file system access and editing software to read and individually manipulate the files and the processor chip would need to be big enough to handle it. With limited hardware chips as it is, and limited space for firmware and additional processing load, this would be hard to justify because it may limit the capability of new features later, if there is even enough space or processor for it now.

Regardless, this is a new feature request. New feature requests are all placed on the #wishlist. The closest I could find to what you are requesting, without the editing\deleting capability, is linked below. If that topic doesn’t match what you are requesting, you can submit your own #wishlist request for approval.

EDIT: Customer Support is correct. The SD card must be removed to manipulate SD recorded video. They are saved in the “record” folder, indexed by date folder and hour folder, named by the minute. Each MP4 is 1 minute long. The videos in the Events Tab, however, are saved on the Wyze Web server and can be directly deleted.