Features/Functions by Firmware Or via Add-on Modules (RTSP, NAS, CIFS/Samba, etc...)

Thank you Wyze for working closely with your customer community and developing your product to suit your customers needs. I think you’ve squeezed enough features with the V2, as we could compare the camera with a computer, the more application/services you run, eventually when you reach its capacity you’ll run into problems. As of now you offer us a separate firmware for the RTSP feature, if I may suggest why not develop the same for the other features as I mention on the title, or if possible provide them as add-on modules to the base firmware, but prevent installation of all the add-on features. I’m not sure how much the V2 can handle, but I doubt it can handle all of these features running all at the same time reliably and without fail. So I guest its just fair to just give us the option to select which feature we really need base on our installation/setup. For instance, if I’m using RTSP to stream recordings to my NVR, the recording on the micro-SD card would be backup/cache and I don’t need and wouldn’t want to run a CIFS/Samba server on the camera to access the videos directly from the micro-SD because that could interfere or affect the RTSP recording to my NVR.

RTSP has already been launched. Your other two requests are already in the Wishlist category. How to Use the Wishlist


Yes, I’ve read and I know the status of these features, what I’m suggesting here is how it would be possible for Wyze to provide us all these features without compromising the camera’s performance and reliability. Wyze have already done amazing thing on this camera, but we must accept the fact that eventually we couldn’t squeeze and cram all these features on it, so I’m suggesting that if not by separate firmware, maybe we could optionally select these features by add-on module, but limited to either this or that, to avoid overloading the camera with features to the point that it cannot handle properly anymore.

I understand what your saying, but commenting on those threads with your ideas would be the best approach because Wyze does read the suggestions in those. Creating another #wishlist topic would just muddy up the waters.

Okay, I’ve edited the topic title to be general for all the features/functions that we could wish for; I think this is better, rather than I post this suggestion/idea on all the wishlist topics it could be applied to.