PC DVR option

Once PC app is created (windows first :wink: give the ability to have the cameras record in real time to the hard drive (select any location so we can use external) with the same overwrite on full setup that the micro SD cards have. Option for real time, as well as lapse for those who want to use less space and or bandwidth.

Just use the RTSP firmware and setup in ispy since it’s Windows based.

Actually, a canned virtual machine appliance with Linux base might be easier for them to achieve… :thinking:

Seems like this should merge with the option to use a NAS which has been done for v2 and v3 cams by hclx - don’t have link at present, but he’s made it possible to direct stg to a network location. I think the original idea was to be able to use existing security system NAS, but why not add the nvr functionality? Wyze could contract out a team, like they do for everything else, to build an application that they could sell as a stand alone solution for those who do not have internet or who do not want to use internet. But I am guessing Wyze will not do anything that would cut into their subscription services.