Private Cloud Deployment via Terraform

Ability to deploy your own cloud resources required to upload any length video and push notifications etc as well as AI when released. This would allow us to use our own cloud resources and incur the costs instead of subscribing to Cam Plus. This would ensure we have custody of the data and can control geographic location of where the data is stored.

Don’t dismiss the idea that Cam Plus is a money maker for Wyze. Sort of discourages them from writing code that allows what you ask. However, I voted Yes for you.

Several years ago, Wyze was developing a homebased hardware sort of like a disk cloner style that allowed us to plug our own HD in and use it like a local lan based NAS for the video feeds to connect and store. Want to upgrade it? Add another or replace the HD with larger. They reported they were very disappointed when their HW subcontractor gave up.

I wish they would bring it back to front burner now that they have more juice and more resources.

Pretty sure this can be accomplished with some of the existing 3rd party hacks and something like NextCloud, but it would indeed be nice to have native support. It could also be done with RTSP firmware and non-Wyze person detection.

Thanks for the support so far! Yes It is a money maker for them, but a large chunk of that money is going to storage costs of the 12 second video for everyone and the cam plus longer videos. If we were running our own cloud (either on-prem or utilizing our existing cloud providers) we can control data soveringty for users outside of the US who want/need to keep the video closer/local as well as larger installations not have a large costs just to host the video & services which could possibly be a lot cheaper if we moved things into archived tiers and opted to pay for it only upon needing to view it etc. Lots of benefits. I dont think you could have a purely home based recording/dvr system as its too easy to be stolen along with your personal items. Record locally, copy to another offsite location perhaps but cloud of some kind (public/private/on-prem) is definitely required for push notification functionality etc.

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