Cloud dependency

@maven or moderator

Why are these cameras so dependent on cloud technology when it come to notifications? And why is there still no way to connect the cams to my laptop?
Inquiring minds want to know. :thinking:

Mavens and moderators aren’t employees, so we wouldn’t really know any better than anyone else. Having said that – I think basically any event-based notifications are reliant on the cloud to some extent, right? Even if you have a smart home hub of some sort, I don’t think notifications happen over LAN, do they?

As for viewing on a PC, I think it’s probably a combination of resource allocation and security concerns. It’s definitely a popular wishlist item, though. You should vote for it here if you haven’t.

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These are wifi cameras, so they need wifi and internet to operate. These cameras are inexpensive because Wyze hosts alot of the hardware that does the work and leaves the cameras fairly barebones to keep the price down (in my thoughts they do :)). If you want features that are ip based, onvif, connect directly to a nvr, or any number of features then you will need to look into a more expensive camera platform that has that. Wyze is pretty progressive in packing features into their little cameras that can, but users need to understand the cameras limits and realize that it can’t be shoehorned into every thing that people want that are beyond what they are advertised for and speced to do. I refer people to Wyze cams alot, but if you want a less cloud based platform that you can connect directly to your laptop (without much jerryriging) then a different system is what you need.

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@Omgitstony & @nerdland,

Thanks guys for all of your insight and suggestions. I have voted on the PC connection issue so you will know. Omgitstony, I hear you and what you have stated makes perfect sense and I have a new appreciation for the Wyze product line and it’s capabilities. I will endeavor to throttle back my ambitions in the future.

I guess I had the wrong impression of the Maven’s and Moderator’s role here. I was thinking more like those roles being more involved with tech support. I will choose my thread subject accordingly.

See, you can teach an old dog new tricks. :wink:

Merry Christmas to you both and all who make this forum tick.

Rick (aka graywoulf)

These cams that Wyze makes are pure gold for how inexpensive they are, and are only going to get more refined. As a community, we can help by voting, like you did, to show the company what the pulse of the fans would like as new features or additions.

I agree that these cams are amazing for the features and the price. I was installing security camera systems 35 years ago and would have never imagined that there would ever be devices as such today. Cameras were heavy and used “Vidicon” tubes for image capture. The resolution was awful compared to these cameras and they certainly were not wireless.

Ain’t technology grand? :wink: