Thank you Wyze for helping me visit my son remotely

I don’t know where people are allowed or encouraged to share positive feedback but I have a child who lives overseas whoo I have not seen since travel has been restricted. We meet on the phone but it has been difficult to find a suitable webcam for my PC/Mac. While others companies (like Canon) have patched some of their cameras to do this I have not been able to convert anything I own into an effective webcam for our video visits despite having a several cameras and older phones. I was out of options until I noticed Wyze released the firmware patch for the V2 which converts it into a webcam. Lots of companies do small gestures to signal virtue that cost little just pandering to public scrutiny. Wyze seems to be cut from a far bettercloth as this is a meaningful, functional solution for me that I was able to set up relatively quickly. It was a little vague about the way the update is verified with a blue/yellow light but once I connected it to my PC it worked immediately and now I have a way to do meetings from home in a way that works (and looks) great. I just think Wyze deserves some creit for doing this and bucking the “profit above everything” ethos pervasive in most tech companies now.


Hello @lightzout and welcome to the community.

I am glad you were able to spend time with your child even with restrictions in place. I will see if I can get your kind words passed up to someone at Wyze.


Thank you so much for sharing this story! This is exactly why we do what we do and your post means a great deal to us. I’ll be sharing it within the company. :slightly_smiling_face: